Information about us

The Finnish Tattoo Artists Association has been representing the Finnish tattoo industry since 1991.

The members of the association are tattoo professionals operating in Finland who are reliable and committed to complying with the rules and values ​​of the association.

In principle, the association strives to work for the benefit of all Finnish professional tattooists rather than just promoting the interests of its members.


The Finnish Tattoo Artists Association aims to further develop the tattoo industry and secure the position of tattoo artists in Finland. Our goal is to harmonize industry practices, creating a safer tattoo environment for both clients and tattoo artists.

The purpose of the association is to promote respect and responsibility for others by inspiring and encouraging tattoo artists to work together and develop as an artist in the tattoo industry.

The association also strives to create and strengthen a positive image of the tattoo industry and tattoo culture in the surrounding community.


The activities of the association are confidential, open, proactive and transparent, respecting both tattoo artists and clients.

The aim of the association is to unite professional tattoo artists within the same organization, to make the tattoo industry known by organizing events, publishing, actively cooperating with the media, and establishing relationships both between domestic professionals and abroad. The Finnish Association of Tattoo Artists is a voice in Finnish tattoo culture not only in Finland but also internationally.

The association strives to promote the development of the membership in accordance with its own goals by offering high-quality guidance and training, e.g. through various seminars and by providing informative training to its members as needed.

The Finnish Tattoo Artists Association  co-operates with the authorities and monitors the integrity of the industry in Finland through membership criteria. The association acts as a spokesperson for the tattoo industry and as a representative for the media.


A support member of the association can be a tattoo artist who has sufficient experience in the field (at least a year of studio work), a business ID, a good reputation, works hygienically and with customer safety in mind, and commits to following the association's values ​​and rules.

New members start as a supporting member and can apply for full membership after being a supporting member for at least two years, as well as after attending at least one association meeting and one hygiene seminar.

You can apply for full membership with a free-form application.

Each member understands that they are part of a larger group of tattoo artists and that they represent the Finnish Tattoo Artist Association. A member is expected to be loyal to the principles and values ​​of the union as well as to other members of the union.

⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠Everyone is responsible for the unity of the union. If a member acts against the values ​​or rules of the association or otherwise endangers the reliability or credibility of the association, they may be dismissed from the association.

Board and workgroup members

The aim of the members of the Board is to promote the achievement of the association's goals and the development of tattooing in Finland. The aim of the workgroup is to maintain the quality of the association's operations and is responsible for developing the association's operations. The Board ensures that the information provided to the members of the association is clear and transparent.

The members of the Board and the working group are bound by professional secrecy and loyalty to the association. They commit to communicating professionally in representing the Association and its members while adhering to the rules and values ​​of the Association.