Pori 28.5.2022

Hygiene seminar and the association's annual meeting in Pori in 2022

On Saturday, May 28, 2022, we organized a hygiene seminar at Kulttuuritalo Annis, which was accompanied by the association's regular annual meeting for members and a meeting for industry professionals.

Annual meeting of the association

The day started with FTAA's statutory annual meeting, to which all members, including supporting members, were welcome. At the meeting, the association's activities were discussed and members were asked for ideas and wishes for the development of FTAA's activities.

30 people participated in the meeting.

The seminar people are waiting for the lectures to begin

Hygiene seminar

The following were lecturing:

Tattoo researcher, dermatologist Nicolas Kluger (Medical Center Aava): Infections, hypersensitivity reactions, skin diseases and moles from the point of view of tattooing
Piercer, body shaper Riina Konola (Impossible Bodyart): Hygienic operating procedures in tattoo and body shaper services
Chief Inspector Annina Nyholm (Tukes): Requirements and supervision regarding tattoo services, restrictions regarding tattoo colors

The seminar was open to all tattooists, piercers and trainees in the field. 60 people participated in the seminar.

Piercer and body modifier Riina Konola teaches how to properly put on protective gloves.

Freeform program

After the seminar, a meeting was held, in connection with which there was a free-form program. Those who participated in the seminar had the opportunity to talk about the topics covered during the day and network with each other. The conference was open to all professionals in the field, including those who did not participate in the seminar.

The band The Tarjas from Pori-Ulvila performed during the evening and the participants of the myth received an evening snack from the barbecue truck.