Tampere 22.4.2023

Customer facing skills and hygiene in tattoo work seminar in Tampere on April 22, 2023

On Saturday, April 22, 2023, we organized a seminar that discussed customer facing skills in a modern tattoo environment, therapeutic tattoos, and hygiene practices related to tattoo work. The seminar was open to all industry professionals and trainees.

After the seminar, we relaxed with the evening program.

FTAA's statutory annual meeting was held the day before the seminar, Friday 21.4. The annual meeting was open to all FTAA members.

Seminar program

The doors opened at 11:30. The event was hosted by Piki Rantanen. 70 people participated in the event.

Customer facing skills in a modern tattoo environment

Lecturer: Javiera Marchant Aedo
Lecture duration: 2h

In today's world, we encounter many kinds of customers who need different tattoo services. Creating a safer space in connection with the tattooing process is even more important for customers. Javiera came to talk about equality and creating a safe space.

Hygiene in tattoo work

Lecturer: Riina Konola / Impossible Bodyart
Lecture duration: 2h

Also, Riina, who became familiar with our previous hygiene seminars, came to talk more extensively about the hygiene practices required in tattoo work. As a new part, Riina made a demo of workstation Setup and its dismantling. FTAA members attending this lecture received a 2023 hygiene seminar sticker in their membership book for their participation.

Medical tattoos

Lecturer: Riikka Liinamaa / Tattoo Clinic
Duration of the lecture: 1.5h

Alongside the traditional art of tattooing, the demand for body repair and cosmetic tattoos is also growing to an increasing extent. Breast cancer patients, those who have undergone sex-affirming treatments and other people who have experienced major operations need therapeutic tattoos to feel whole and beautiful. Riikka came to tell us what medical tattoos are all about.

Evening program

The evening program was included in the seminar price. During the evening, there was an opportunity to network and discuss the topics covered during the day.

Bentality, DJ Loasteeze and XX Bottom performed during the evening.