Our values and rules


We operate without compromising on hygienic practices: Tattooing is carried out in accordance with the hygiene requirements of Valvira's health and safety guidelines.

We do our work with professionalism: Tattoos are always carried out with the highest possible quality and safety, right from image design to applying onto skin.

We value our clients: We strive to serve each customer professionally and expertly to the best of our ability. In our work, we are in close contact with the client, but we value and respect the client's right to their own space and the integrity of their body.

We represent the tattoo industry to the best of our ability: Through our own activities and behavior, we strive to maintain the good reputation of the tattoo industry both at work and during our free time.

We support our colleagues: Co-artists are respected and also assisted as needed. When purchasing or ordering products or services, the association will always give priority to using the products or services provided by the members if such an option is available.

We comply with Finnish law and regulations: We do not use substances in our work that violate chemical legislation, engage in the gray economy, work under the influence of intoxicants or otherwise violate the law and regulations.


The name of the association is Suomen Tatuointiartistien Liitto - Finnish Tattoo Artists Association, and its domicile is Riihimäki.

The purpose of the association is to support, nurture, advance and develop the tattoo industry and the tattoo culture in Finland.

To achieve this, the association operates in the following ways:

  • Unites professional tattoo artists to the same organization
  • Makes the tattoo industry known e.g. organizing conventions, publishing, actively cooperating with the media, and establishing relations both abroad and between domestic professionals
  • Provides informative training and guidance to its members as needed
  • Cooperates with authorities
  • For its part, monitors the integrity of the industry in Finland according to membership criteria
  • Works in principle for the benefit of all Finnish professional tattoo artists
  • Functions as the voice for Finnish tattoo culture internationally
  • Serves as a spokesperson for the tattoo industry and as a representative for the media
  • Creates a positive image of the tattoo industry as well as the tattoo culture in the community

To support its activities, the association may:

  • Collect membership fees
  • Sell ​​promotional products
  • Arrange events
  • Engage in publishing activities
  • Receives donations
  • Receives wills

3§ Members

All persons who carry out professional tattooing in Finland independently and full-time and who meet the association's membership criteria can become members.

Members can be either Full Members, Supporting Members or Honorary Members.

The Board sets the membership fee annually.

The membership fee is paid by all regular and support members. The association may grant honorary membership to deserving members, which at the same time exempts them from the membership fee.

A member of the association may be dismissed if he / she fails to pay his / her membership fee for one year despite reminders, grossly violates the rules of the association, acts seriously against the law and good manners, completely fails to fulfill his / her obligations, or endangers the reputation of the association.

The members of the association are approved and, if necessary, dismissed by the board.

A member has the right to resign from the association by notifying the board in writing or by resigning at the meeting.

The sum of the membership fee is decided by the Board.

4§ Board of Directors

The operation of the association is directed by the board, which includes 3-7 members, at least the chairman, secretary and treasurer elected at the annual meeting.

If necessary, the Board appoints a Vice Chairman. The term of the Board is 5 years.

The Board of Directors shall meet when convened by its Chairman or, if necessary, its Deputy Chairman, when the Board of Directors deems it appropriate, or at the request of two of its members.

The Board of Directors has a quorum when at least half of its members participate in the decision-making process, including the Chairman or Vice-Chairman. Matters shall be decided by a simple majority of votes. In the event of a tie, the opinion of the chairman shall be decisive, and a lottery shall be used in the election.

5§ Writing the name of the association

The name of the association is written by the chairman, or secretary, together with the treasurer.

6§ Accounts

The financial year of the association is the calendar year.

The financial statements are submitted to the auditors no later than one month before the Annual General Meeting. The auditors must submit their opinion to the Board no later than two weeks before the Annual General Meeting.

7§ Convening meetings of the Association

The meetings of the association are convened by the board. The invitation must be delivered no later than one week before the meeting, either as a personal invitation or by publishing a notice in a newspaper in the association's area of ​​operation.

8§ Meetings of the Association

The annual meeting of the association is held annually on a date determined by the board in February-May.

An extra meeting shall be held when the association so requests or as deemed appropriate by the board. An extra meeting may also be convened if at least one-tenth of the voting members of the association so request in writing from the board.

At the meeting, each full member and honorary member shall have the right to vote and those entitled to vote shall have one vote. The decision of the association will be what more than half of the members support. In the event of a tie, the vote of the Chairman shall be decisive in the election.

9§ Annual General Meeting

Agenda of the annual meeting:

  1. Opening of the meeting
  2. The chairman, secretary, two examiners and, if necessary, two tellers shall be elected
  3. The legality and quorum of the meeting are stated
  4. The rules of procedure of the meeting are approved
  5. The financial statements, the annual report and the opinion of the auditors are presented
  6.  Decide on the approval of the financial statements and freedom of responsibility
  7. Confirm action plan, estimate of revenue and expenditure
  8. The Chairman of the Board and other board members are elected
  9. An auditor and a deputy auditor will be elected for the current year
  10. Other matters mentioned in the invitation to the meeting will be discussed.

If a member of the association wishes to have a matter discussed at the annual meeting, he or she must notify us in writing in good time so that the matter can be included in the notice of the meeting.

10§ Changing the rules and dissolving the association

The decision to amend the above rules and the decision to dissolve the association shall be made at a meeting of the association by a majority of at least three-quarters of the votes cast. The dissolution of the association or the change of the rules must be mentioned in the notice of the meeting. Upon the dissolution of the association the funds accumulated for it shall be distributed in the manner determined by the meeting deciding on the dissolution, to further the purpose of the association or alternatively to charity.