Kuopio 26.11.2022

Hygiene seminar and the association's Christmas party in Kuopio 2022

On Saturday 26 November 2022, we organized a hygiene seminar in Puikkari, after which we celebrated the association's little Christmas among FTAA members. The seminar was open to all industry professionals and trainees.

Hygiene seminar

The following were lecturing:

  • Tattoo researcher, dermatologist Nicolas Kluger (Lääkärikeskus Aava): Skin diseases and skin changes, moles, in which situations tattooing requires a doctor's opinion, tattoo aftercare
  • Piercer, body shaper Riina Konola (Impossible Bodyart): Hygienic operating procedures in tattoo and body shaper services
  • Physiotherapist Hermanni Parikka (Physiotherapist AMK): Ergonomic challenges of tattooing and piercing work, prevention of ailments and self-care

The seminar was open to all tattooists, piercers and trainees in the field. 80 people participated in the seminar.

FTAA's little Christmas at Klubi

Christmas party was only for members of the Finnish Tattoo Artists Association.

Information about membership and becoming a member

The program included:

  • Appetizer
  • Greetings from the board, discussion about the association's activities
  • Pramatik: Freestyle rap

Participation in the Christmas party was free for members.